Saturday, April 24, 2010

5 Things to Get Your Money With "Pay Per Click"

Tips when we are going to place ads on our site :

1) Build your website that aims not to just put an ad

You must build a website that have rich contents, but you must not put ads on every section on your page. If there are too many ads, people will not look into your website for future, because they know that the purpose of your website is just to make money without care the content of the website.

2) You must smart to search for your ads which the topic is related to your site

If you are making website with "Making Money" topic, then you must to search for ads which related to make money. At google adsense, you just fill the channel with "Making Money", so if you're placing the ads at your website, then about "Making Money" ads will be shown.

Here are the websites which provide pay per click program :

1) Adsense

2) Yahoo Publisher Network

3) Adbrite

4) Clicksor

5) Chikita

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