Monday, April 19, 2010

How to Create Website Which Easily Get Traffic

Nowadays, website is used by the people for reviewing a product, explains about a company, social networking, even it's used to make money. This time, i will tell you how to create your website so the visitors of the website is always increase everyday. There are 3 main tips from me how to make a website perfectly which you must doing by yourselves :

1) You must pick a name of the website that is easy to remember and have strong keyword/niche

A name of the website is the paramount. Before the people click on the link which directly go to your website, they always see the name of the website/URL that you have made, that is often said as a domain name. Example, you are going to create website about fat loss. So you must think hard to get the domain which attract people interesting, like or Remember ! Choosing the keyword is the most important thing, because if you make it accurate and perfect, people can easily keep your website URL in their mind and if they have a problem about things associated with it, at the moment, they just search on your website. Keywords are related what people want to search in the web. You must always put your main keyword in every content in the website, like in the header, contents, and all categories in your website, so the chance that your URL appear on the first sequence on the search engines like google or yahoo is a big possibility.

2) You must have quality contents in your website

Why people always search for their information on the internet ? They just have 1 reason. It's easy and there are come from many sources. On the website, you must write your own article which it's very determine, people will feel interesting in your website or not. If you don't have a time even you are not good at writing an article, you can pay for a ghostwritter to write the article, example is elance. Here you can post your job for the ghostwritter to write what you want to put on your website. Content and content, you must very concerned about the content, so the people who previously saw the contents of your website will come back because they know this website is useful and have all of the rich contents.

3) You have to pay attention at the size of your web page

Many people leave or close your website without looking for a few minute. Why ? The reason is the size of your web page is too heavy. Not everyone have the fast internet connection because it's too expensive for ordinary people. You must review back your website, is that too many images that you have uploaded to your website ?

And the last thing that you have to learn day by day is, you have to start read up the other websites. And after it, you will feel inspired how to create a creative website which have rich content and many new visitors come everyday.

OK ! Now the time that you have to try that 3 main tips that i suggest to make a simple website but there's so many visitors and have good contents. Good luck for you ! Don't forget, create a website is not just a day, but it will have to think it a few days before you publish it.

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