Thursday, April 29, 2010

Special Edition - Classic Music

Surely you often listen to music. Music is something very important that we need to entertain ourselves. Music consists of some genres, for example, pop, classical, rock, and others. In among teenagers, there are so many young people which like pop music has been sung by many famous singers.

I will talk this time was about classical music. Classical music is music that can make us feel calm because it consists only of classical music with rhythm only. I also like it because it was a good rhythm and played various musical instruments such as violin, flute, trumpet, cello.

Mozart was the first to create classical music. He's practically a genius for what he had done it. Then MOzart have the next generation which that is Beethoven. Famous songs ever created by Beethoven Symphony No. 9 is a combination between the original sound of his orchestra and combined into one very beautiful song. Another classic song that I like is the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1. Concatenation played the piano tone is very beautiful.

After you read this article, I hope you start trying to listen to classical music in your spare time. Classical music can improve intelligence and good for health. You can download it at . It's free !!

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