Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Use Your Twitter Account to Make Money

Who is the people which do not know about twitter? Twitter is already known for a long time. Twitter is used to communicate with each other. Twitter system is very easy to understand. We can perform the update in our status and to send messages directly to other people. Twitter has been widely known and used by everyone in various countries.

It's quite a lot of people know that twitter can be used to find the money. Finding money in twitter can be done in various ways. For example by placing ads on your twitter background. Ads can also be promoted by typing the url link update by putting the name of the advertiser's website.

There are already many websites on the Internet Web site that links between advertisers and owners twitter. Advertisers who are interested in a twitter account that has a lot of follower directly contact the owner of the account. And how to work like that that will be repeated.

The things that must be considered to have a lot of follower is to update every few hours. And also we should start to follow people on twitter to start making a connection.

1) Ad.Ly

2) Twittad

3) Sponsored Tweets

4) Be-A-Magpie

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