Thursday, April 22, 2010

Get Money From Paid Review

Do you know about paid review ? Do you have tried it ? Yeah, we can get lot of money from paid review. If we have a blog with great content inside that, it will surely generate a lot of money. Here are some requirements which required to follow the program paid review :

1) You have to make a blog with new content everyday (if can't, just do once for 1 week)

Paid Review program will look inside your blog, how many is the content on your blog and how good is the quality of the content.

2) Some of paid review program presuppose that our blog must have page rank at "3", but there are some which just presuppose our blog for just "1"

Page Rank is showing how good are our blog. Check Here to know your blog "page rank"

3) You must pay attention on how long you can finish your job 

At the paid review program, when we get a job, we must do it as soon as possible, don't delay it for a long time. Finish your job early will make the customer feel enjoyable and maybe they will come back to you again.

These are some paid review program that you can try to start your own money :


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