Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Traffic is the One Which Most Important For Your Blog

Have a website with a piece of visitors is just wasting times. Traffic ! Traffic ! That is one that should be noted. If you have a forum or website which selling your products, you need people to come into your site and they can communicate with each other. There are lot of ways how to increase traffic for your site, then you will start to make money with that thing ! It can be amazing for people who already started to create a site. I will tell you tips how to increase traffic to your site, this is the most important :

1) Place Your URL Link to Social Networking

One of thousands best way to get traffic is you must put your URL link in Social Networking like twitter and facebook which when people click it, your site will appear directly on their browser's window. Join some group on the social networking like facebook, choose group which have the same category with your website. Then, you  share  something with people in there and finally, you place your website link to your comment. If you are good at making words for persuade people, it must be so many people will click on your link. As an example, I found so many groups on Facebook when i type "Make Money" on the search box section in the facebook.

For additional you can get in to the forum, and register to become a member. There, you can communicate with each others who need help about their problem about the internet, then, you place a small link which that led to your site.

2) Use "Youtube"

Do you already know how many people go to youtube everyday ? They are searching for their needs, for what they like, even how to succeed with business. You can put your video on the youtube when you are promoting your products or if you too shy whenever promoting your site, you can just put the slideshow video on how your site is useful for them. Example :
1. Page 1 = You will write "How To Make Money From The Internet".
2. Page 2 = You will write "Just lay on your bed with thousand of dollars"
3. Page 3 = Then,you will write your link, ex "http://www.internetmakecash.blogspot.com"
The video must be interactive and attract people, so people feel interest to visit your website and feel curious on "What is the content of the website ? It looks like can make money briefly"

3) Share links with other website

You can offer the owner of the other website to share link each other. This way is very useful, moreover when your "partner website" is already popular in the community. There are free links and paid links. The example of Paid Links is Google Adwords. You can pay for a hundred dollar for many clicks that will directly go to your site. You can see "adword ads" when you're registering google adsense and put google ads in your site.

4) Get Traffic from Article Submission

Like EzineArticles . There we can put our article which wrote my ourselves. You can tell about "How To" or reviewing your product. You can explain it very clearly. In the bottom of your article, you can add "For more information just go to this link" or other source "click this". If you are writing article carefully and become perfect, the chance for the visitors to go in your site is VERY BIG !

5) Just  Register Your Blog to Feedburner, Ping O Matic, and Submit URL on Search Engine Program !

Good LucK ! Have a Nice Try !

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