Monday, April 19, 2010

7 Categories of Website Which Most Searched by The People !!

Many people open the web and search for their needs. Now, i want to tell you what kind of categories did the people always search when they are on the internet.

1) "How To" categories

People usually search for website which have "How To" article to solve their problem everyday. Example Wikihow. Many people search on wikihow about how to make something. I have searched for how to make an ice cream and how to find chords on a melody, and the information that displayed is clear and complete. So if you're going to make a website, just add "How To" use your product with clearly as possible.

2) "Health" categories

You must know that person's health is the most important thing for everyone. They can do anything when they're feel disturbed with their pain even their fat body and need some advices to help them. So they open the internet and search "Fat Loss", they found it and click to your website. There, you can explain about your product, its excess and everything about your product. You must smart to make the words that can attract people and don't forget to explain your products more clearly you must add an explanation about the illness that the visitors have. Most of people have not read the complete content of the website, but they close it at the moment. Why ? Because they feel "Ah, this product is not interesting and the products is too expensive for me". If the visitors feel enjoy, after read it, visitors maybe will buy your product and you must ready before to provide payment via paypal, so they not bothered to pay through the bank again.

3) "Make Money" categories

Nowadays, what kind of people which don't want to have a lot of money ? People will do anything to get their "hot cash". Items sold in this category is usually the e-book, there are many types of e-book that guide us to make money without hard working. Examples, "How to Start Your Own Business" e-book or "How to Make Money From Internet". People usually interest with this e-book, they pay for it and they read it seriously. When they're succeed on making money with that e-book, they must have spread about how great is your e-book by word of mouth.

4) "Online Shopping" categories
Amazon and Ebay are the examples. They are selling almost all of the things that people need it everyday, like electronics and clothes. They update it everyday, kind of something new and useful for people in this era. Example is Apple which tumultuous world about its new product iPad which it's useful for business. Make an online shopping is not easy as the most people thought. It needs a hard working to promote your website, and the most important is the price of the product, the price must be competitive from the others, so the people will just buy on you. And then the last important thing, is "shipping rates". Many people in the other countries feel attract with your product but they cancel to buy it because of the shipping rates. Many people said "Why can the shipping rate cost is more expensive than the product that they want to buy, it can't be, i don't wanna buy it". Then, you must think hard how to make people feel enjoyable when they're buying their product at the low cost but a good quality.

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