Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get Your Money with Selling Link

Your site will get so many visitors when your blog have popularity on the whole internet. Like place your ads on adwords, actually it did a lot of help in recognition of your website to the outside world. One to gain popularity is to find as many backlinks as possible. Make backlink is the condition where we put our URL link of our website to another website which will bring the customers.

Many ways to get backlink, one of which is to register your blog to social bookmarking like Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious. By posting on the social bookmarking site we will get other benefits, for example, posting articles can easily be indexed by Google and PageRank your site will rise over time.

Exchanging links between the owner of the blog is a good thing that you can do. We should exchange links with blogs that have a higher PageRank, so your blog will get higher PageRank later . Creating backlinks is extremely important, the owner of some blog are often willing to pay the money just to put their site links on other blogs.

Sell link is an online business you don't have to work hard to manage it. Only just attach a short script on the sidebar, and pretty soon some site name will appear on your blog's sidebar.

Here is a sample website that pioneered the selling and buying activities in order to improve the quality of the link blogs:

1) Text Link Ads

2) BackLinks

3) Teliad

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